Can-am SXS engine air cooling ducts :


Like all mid-engine cars, cooling the engine of a Can-am SXS is a complicated matter. On a Can-am the cooling is quite efficient. However, in very high use, for example in the dunes, the operating temperatures of these ISS often exceed the maximum. In this case, they go into degraded mode, you have to wait for the temperature to decrease to regain normal performance. That's why for competition use we recommend to use our kit to pass the radiator at the rear and not at the front as original. The advantages are multiple: no more risk of breaking the radiator in case of small front shock, less risk with the projections of stones, weight savings, simplification of the cooling system, comfort of piloting by decreasing the cooling ducts which pass in the cockpit, etc... The cooling of the mechanics is better with the ducts of supply of air of the radiator which we manufacture and propose. More powerful than the original version with front radiator, they eliminate the problems of vapor block or heating by very high temperature and solicitations. Like all the Carbon parts we manufacture, they also have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and lower weight.