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can-am BTR new body

Preparing a Can-am in Rally-Raid: the advantages

BTR is one of the renowned specialists for the preparation of Can-am Mavericks.

The Can-am is a buggy that is above all reliable, for a reasonable price, and is easy to drive. It allows you to really enjoy yourself.

Can-am Buggys in rallys-Raid :

On the Paris Dakar 2020 50 cars are SXS buggies, i.e. a third of the competitors. The biggest advantage is that an SXS is affordable on a reduced budget.

Thereis no equivalent price / fun made easy. Among other things in the dunes where it takes a lot of experience to pass the dunes with a more classic race car, the SXS Can-am plays with the difficulties.

The SXS is light, 4-wheel drive, huge suspension travel, it goes everywhere effortlessly. It’s quite magical when you know the work involved in operating a more traditional race car.

The icing on the cake is the operating price, which allows amateurs to compete in major rally raids on a limited budget.

The design of the Can-am is extraordinary, it’s a true high-performance and reliable toy for a cost of acquisition that has no equivalent in off-road competition cars.

BTR manufactures and sells complete Can-am Maverick racing chassis as replacements for the original one.

Our Can-am Maverick competition chassis manufactured by BTR are FIA Annex J approved. They are entirely made of 25CD4S steel.

They are allowed to race in the World Championship. The design of the chassis is studied by the FIA, and allows to certify a high level of resistance for competition. They are used by many pilots for leisure, the Paris Dakar rally, the Bajas etc…

The weight is only 167 kg

The Can-am BTR racing chassis includes all engine, gearbox, running gear and kinematics fixtures of the Can-am buggy and the roll bar for the passive safety of drivers and co-drivers. BTR Chassis are designed to be able to rebuild either the original body components or our own BTR body components.

Most customers prefer to assemble the advanced body components we manufacture.

Theframes are painted with epoxy thermo-lacquer. All RAL colours are available. At the customer’s discretion.

We sell complete car kits: chassis, floors, etc… to be assembled by the tuner or by the customer. And we also sell fully assembled SSV buggies.

We also sell chassis as spare parts.

FIA rally-raid approved can-am chassis
welded suspension wishbone for Can-am racing
can-am racing titanium rear suspension tie rods

Competition parts catalogue for Can-am


Can-am Maverick SXS (SXS) reinforcedcontrol arms:


Our competition control arms for Can-am are all made of 25CD4S mechanically welded, their weight is identical to the original ones for a much higher resistance. All original Can-am ball joints, bushings and accessories can be remounted.

For leisure or competition, if you only make one modification on your Can-Am SXS it’s this one : the control arm is really the original weak point of these SXS.

Our reinforced control arms are in the original dimensions to be completely interchangeable with the original ones without further modifications.

It is possible to widen the trains, but this leads to many other modifications, which is why it is better to stay in more conventional dimensions. Fits on original chassis and on our Can-am Maverick competition chassis.

Titanium competition parts for Can-am SXS

We manufacture titanium rear suspension tie rods: lighter than original, stronger and adjustable. They connect the chassis with the rear pulling arm. Gains in performance and reliability.


Polyester body parts for SXS racing (SXS) Can-am


Carbon roof with polyester ducts

We offer for sale the carbon roofs we manufacture: carbon roofs are lighter and stronger than the original. Aesthetically, it is a beautiful piece of carbon, the appearance of the carbon is smooth and shiny, it does not need to be painted. Leisure and competition use.

We also offer black polyester roofs at a lower price.


Can-am carbon roof and engine air intake

Can-am Maverick SXS engine cooling ducts:

For recreational or competition use.

Like all mid-engine cars, cooling the engine of a Can-am SXS is a complicated matter.

On a Can-am the cooling is quite efficient. However, in very high use, for example in the dunes, the operating temperatures of these ISS often exceed the maximum.

In this case, they go into degraded mode, you have to wait for the temperature to decrease to regain normal performance.

That’s why for competition use we recommend to use our kit to pass the radiator at the rear and not at the front as original.

The advantages are multiple:

  • more risk of breaking the radiator in case of a small front impact,
  • less risk with stone splashes,
  • weight gain,
  • Simplification of the cooling system,
  • driving comfort by reducing the cooling ducts that pass through the passenger compartment, etc…

Cooling of the mechanics is better with the radiator air supply ducts that we manufacture and offer.

More powerful than the original version with front radiator, they eliminate the problems of vapor block or heating by very high temperature and solicitations.

Like all the Carbon parts we manufacture, they also have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and lower weight.


Rear fenders for Can-am SXS:

Our rear fenders are made of Kevlar carbon. They are wider than the original and prevent forward projections. They are softer, stronger and lighter than the original Can-am wings.

After the front control arms, this is the second equipment to be preferred.


rear wing Can-am BTR racing

Complete bodywork for Can-am SXS

We manufacture complete body kits that completely change the look of the original Can-am SXS. With the following advantages:

  • + original for the sponsors,
  • + rewarding, they
  • improve driving comfort
  • Isolates better from sand, wind, dust and cold.

The parts are made of polyester :

  • to BTR quality standards,
  • easy to fix,
  • light,
  • cheaper than original parts.


Windshield bay and windshield for Can-am SXS

Replacing the windshield bay makes it possible to mount a much less expensive flat windshield.

The flat spare windshields are easy to transport, as they take up little space, the replacement is ultra-fast: only 1 minute with a BTR fastening system made for this purpose.

front fender lighter and stronger Can-am Racing front fender
Can-am racing carbon door
rear fender Can Am
can-am racing rear frame reinforcement plate and towing hook
Can-am Racing carbon kevlar drive belt guards

Competition chassis reinforcements


Rear frame reinforcement plates with towing hooks

The original sheet metal is very thin, this part allows to resist and the towing hook allows to pull the vehicle when needed.








Kevlar carbon covers for the variator belt.

Our protective elements are made of carbon kevlar. They prevent the plastic covers from being destroyed if the drive belt breaks.









Rear arm reinforcements for Can-am SXS

The original rear suspension arms are made of stamped sheet metal and tend to bend and twist under extreme use. The reinforcement kit is welded to the original suspension arm. Once strengthened, the arms no longer twist.

Front Crash Box reinforced SXS Can-am

The front of the vehicle is made to crash in case of impact, but it is too fragile for competition use. The Crash Box we sell is more rigid while keeping its Crash Box function and incorporates a mandatory tow hook.

can-am reinforced rear suspension arms can-am racing
front crash box bumper can-am racing

Other Can-am racing parts


JJUAN big brake kits with 4-piston calipers and big discs.

Exclusive importer for France of the JJUAN brand. The original brakes are not suitable for intensive use, their calipers are machined and not moulded, the quality is very good with a very good service. A customer who mounts the whole kit does not recognize the braking of his Buggy anymore. The price-performance ratio is very good.

Complete brake hose kit with integrated valve.

To cut a stirrup in case of a problem.

Originally, the brake hoses are crimped with a single hose: you have to change the whole hose when you have a problem.

With the hose kit we provide, you can change only the part that is damaged. Valves allow you to isolate the wheel that has a problem and continue on to the next assistance point, as the Can-am with its variator is a vehicle without engine braking, which is very difficult in this case.

It’s a very small expense to keep in mind.

racing brake hose kit with can-am racing valve

Racing engine parts for Can-am

Aluminum injection manifolds Zollinger racing product

It is one of the mandatory parts to pass the technical scrutineering of a race just like the FIA chassis:

The ramps are originally made of plastic with small clips. The risk is to end up with a problem and gasoline leaking on the engine and a significant fire hazard.

Genuine parts are strictly forbidden in competition.

BTR is the exclusive reseller for France of Zollinger racing products

The injection manifolds we supply in aluminium are machined on a CNC precision machining centre supplied with AN6 spare fittings.

FIA 130 l tanks for Can-am.

The original tanks are only 40l. The tank that BTR offers has a capacity of 130 l, which is the maximum allowed by the FIA. They are approved for 5 years + 2 years renewable,

It is delivered with 2 submerged fuel pumps + filters and afuel regulator. Gasoline submerged pumps avoid vaporloc.

Moreover the assembly is very simple, because there are very few hoses to connect the tank and the engine.

BTR tanks are all equipped with an anti-spill system that allows for trouble-free operation all the way to the bottom of the tank.

Race assistance, overhauls and routing of cars to the competition, race assistance and overhauls


Can-am SSX rental on races

We rent Can-am SXS on all World Championship Baja and Rally-raids.

Rentals must be made in full service:

  • service
  • support team,
  • vehicle routing,
  • batch of spare parts,
  • tires,

All the Can-am SXS we rent are full-spec competition, equipped with our parts for reliability and optimum performance.

Turnkey service with lodging and transportation, meals

As an option, we provide full service including booking air tickets, accommodation and meals.

Race service – revision

If you own your own Can-am:

We can also ensure the preparation, the transport, the race assistance. Tuned Service.

We assist between 1 and 4 vehicles on each major event.

stephane brunet BTR racing

BTR: Stéphane BRUNET, buggy enthusiast and company manager


Hello, Stéphane BRUNET, can you tell us how you created the company BTR?

I started with Thierry Charbonnier. I made the debut of the Bowlers, modified Land Rovers that made the PARIS DAKAR race in 2004. Thierry Charbonnier was an official Bowler driver.

For 11 years, we entered cars in the Dakar and the Africa Race, which starts in Monaco and goes all the way to South Africa and was re-assembled by Jean Louis Schlesser.

Then we imported American buggies: “Predator” brand.

And we were at the beginning of the SXS. We also built Buggys in partnership with Mickaël CAZE.

I then worked as a freelancer at MD Rally, where we also prepared Buggys for the Africa Race and the Paris Dakar, and we did the race assistance.

I started my own business in 2017. I met the Can-am dealer who imported their first SXS. I had a real crush on this machine, a real buggy and a great base to turn it into a racing version.

The idea seemed obvious to me that it had to be prepared for the race: making the hoops, footrest in Kevlar, a dashboard, the roofs and wings in polyester. As there was no tank capable of entering a Can-am in competition, I found a solution to equip it with a real race tank for rally-raid. Etc

Over time I became one of the specialists of this SXS in competition, I participated several times in the PARIS DAKAR and many other competitions. The parts that I manufacture have all shown their efficiency in racing, they make this machine, already very well designed at the origin, more reliable and more efficient.

The parts I make can also be cheaper than the original ones while being more efficient. Among other things, the bodywork elements benefit from my expertise in the production of polyester, kevlar and carbon parts using the same methods as those used in aeronautics. This makes them stronger and lighter.

I accompany customers during the races and we also offer turnkey rental of SXS buggies on the races and we take care of assistance on the field for customers who have their own competition SXS.


logo btr

BTR Rally-Raid, Bajas…


Rally marrocco sand express 2017 1 st in ssv

Africa eco race 2018 2nd and 3 rd

Merzouga rally 2018 3 rd

Merzouga 2019 1 st

Rally Greece 4 th

Marocco desert challenge 3 th

Italian champion in baja

Dakar 2020 1st and 3rd in the ssv series